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Numerology Profile Consultations: 


Consultations include two hour session, 40 page

Numerology Profile Report, by phone, Skype or in person.

Astrology consultations are also available.


Consultation Includes:


  • Comprehensive overview of your destiny and life path

  • Purpose of life insights

  • Complete analysis of energetic patterns

  • Yearly and monthly plan for current year

  • Clarity for soul work and purpose

  • Four critical points and challenges in your life

An excellent way to gain insight into the larger perspective of soul lessons, relationship karma and life purpose. For those who wish to increase awareness, conciousness and inner peace.


Private Coaching:


Six months: One 1 hour session per month, individually designed to assist with transformative change, clarifying your life dream, identify patterns, center in your truth, and advance spiritual growth. Pre-requisite: Numerology Profile Consultation (see above). Contact Kay for details and fees.


Coaching Includes:


  • Exercises for identifying what you truly love and need

  • Your natural time for planting seeds and visioning yearly goals, using your astrology chart

  • Manifestation Principles

  • 5 Symbol Preference Test

  • Your Health, Chakra System and Core Numbers

  • A spiritual perspective for defining your authentic self


Other Consultations:


  • Private Tutoring for learning numerology. In person, by email or by phone.

  • Mentoring for establishing a Professional Numerology Practice. Business, marketing, pricing strategies, as well as client numerology chart analysis. 

  • Update Consultations - for times of change and transition, and yearly review.



A 40-page Numerology Profile Chart may be ordered, giving a complete analysis of your numbers and current cycles. The chart is calculated from your original birthname and birthdate and includes a yearly and monthly forecast. This report identifies your 5 Core Numbers as well as interpretations for your Soul number (Heart's Desire), Destiny, Personality, Life Path, and Maturity numbers. Also included are the Four Turning POints, Relationship aspects, and Temperament indicators. This complete numerology profile chart may be ordered by email at  Allow 4 weeks delivery.




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