Numerology Profile Chart Report

A Numerology Profile Chart may be ordered, giving a complete analysis of your numbers and current cycles. The chart is calculated from your original birthname and birthdate and includes a yearly and monthly forecast. This report identifies your 5 Core Numbers as well as interpretations for your Soul number (Heart's Desire), Destiny, Personality, Life Path, and Maturity numbers. Also included are the Four Turning Points, Relationship aspects, and Temperament indicators. Allow 4 weeks delivery.






 Includes shipping and handling within the USA. If outside the USA, chart fee is $55. This chart presentation is suitable for gifts.

If outside the USA, chart fee is $55. 





Yearly Numerology Report & Journal

 Personal Year Analysis : This report is an analysis of your Personal Year number for this year.  It gives a thorough overview of the year as well as a month by month analysis of where the energy will naturally flow for you this year.





Yearly Report - Digital Version 

Ready for printing / perfect gift for the new year!

(Paper Copy of Yearly Numerology is not available at this time) 

Both of these charts can be ordered by Credit Card via Paypal or feel free to email . 

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