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About Numerology

Numerology is the language of numbers; a system of insight into the energetic code of our name and birthday. It is a powerful system for knowing oneself and spiritual purpose in this lifetime.


Your name at birth gives a wealth of information about what motivates you, your purpose in life, and how you appear

to others.  Your name also reveals your karmic lessons and your soul's needs.


Your birthday tells what path you walk in this life, the 4 themes of your life, the timing of events, and yearly forecasts.


Numerology can help you understand:


  • Your Soul number

  • Your Destiny number

  • Endings and changes

  • Where to focus your energy, year by year

  • 4 Turning points in your life

  • 4 Challenges for your life

  • What feeds your soul

  • What you need in relationship

  • The theme for the second half of your life


When to Consult a Numerologist:


  • To understand transitions and major changes in your life

  • To deepen your spiritual quest for purpose and place in this incarnation

  • To help you understand your relationships

  • To learn how to focus your energy for this year, and the next

  • To understand cycles, patterns, and influences which are governing your life

  • To identify your assets and challenges and put them into the context of your purpose and destiny in this life

  • For a larger perspective on world events, trends, economic conditions and sweeping changes of our times

  • To study the meaning of numbers 

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